A little of this & A little of that
A' La Carte Services for all you pary needs
Sometimes we have it all figured out but we just need a little extra "something" to send your event over the top? J. Griffin is here to help.
Invites, Banners 
Backdrops & More
  1. Custom 3D invitations
    You invitations are the party before the party. From Ninja Turtles to Bridal showers. J. Griffin can set the bar for you event with custom invitations. Contact her to learn more.
  2. Mid-Size Floral Arrangements
    Centerpieces are of the utmost importance for special occasions. Wow your guest with custom floral and non-floral centerpieces at affordable prices.
  3. Custom Banners
    Show off the reason for your celebration by ordering a custom, hand painted or vinyl banner for your upcoming event.